Hannah Taylor

Hannah Taylor is the Investor Relations Manager for Cohen Investment Group (CIG). With a background in public market equity and commercial real estate, Ms. Taylor combines her analytic methodology with approachable presentation to successfully communicate CIG’s strength in both current and future real estate investments.

Ms. Taylor grew up in north Alabama, being introduced at an early age to the commercial real estate industry, as her parents are multi-use real estate developers. She gained experience in a

variety of real estate sectors including multi-family, lifestyle retail and necessity-based retail. More recently, Ms. Taylor functioned as a financial and stock analyst for a national publicly traded real estate investment trust (REIT), where she was then promoted to Investor Relations Coordinator. This role allowed her to present financial performance and projections to investors in the public market as well as assist in equity raises through the issuance of common and preferred stock. This experience allows Ms. Taylor to provide current and prospective investors with a clear understanding of the financial aspects of their investment as well as provide the tailored investing experience for which CIG is known. Her current role at Cohen Investment Group includes procuring both debt and equity financing for upcoming transactions through various capital markets. Ms. Taylor is also responsible for all financial reporting on a quarterly and annual basis as well as the production and publication of all corporate materials, press releases, and investment reports.

Ms. Taylor attended the University of Georgia and Old Dominion University and has received degrees in both Finance and Real Estate Valuation.

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